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How can i use it

  • a Linux PC with printer
  • KDE 3.x and QT 3.x librarys
  • html2ps to render the Berichtsheft (will be replaced in future releases)

  • download KBerichtsheft from our download site
  • uncompress the file
  • start compiling with $ make
  • (The compiling needs KDE3.0 Libs and Headers, plus Qt 3.x.x Libs. If you "still" have KDE2 and Qt 2.3.2, edit the file with yout favourite editor.
    In line 14 change
    In line 17 change -lqt-mt into -lqt and -L/opt/kde3/lib into -L/opt/kde2/lib
    Then run $ make

    Thats all.
    Have fun

Using KBerichtsheft:
  • during the first startup, KBerichtsheft will create the directory .kberichtheft in your $HOME. The .dep files and the template file will be stored in this directory. All actions you are normaly doing in a department at work, are stored in the .dep files. So you will need a .dep file for each department you want to write an report about. The template file contains the general Layout of your Berichtsheft. Kberichtsheft opens the template file and pastes the actions from a .dep file. The template is an html file, wich is renderd by html2ps after processing.
  • We provide some .dep files and a template for testing purposes in the file depz.tar.bz. You can get it from our download site Uncopmress and copy the content in your .kberichtsheft directory.
  • After installing the .dep files, press the reload Button, and the found departments can be chosen from the drop down menue "Departments". Fill in the other fields, and choose a time period with the two calendars. Press "Make it so" and KBerichtsheft should print your Berichtsheft to your default printer.
  • You can create new .dep files by choosing Global - Config from the menu bar. It it also possible to create them manually by looking at the examples mentioned above.